Woodley and Danger 5

I rarely watch TV these days. Well, I do watch Top Gear, Mythbusters and sometimes The Big Bang Theory and Whose Line Is It Anyway? but most of my TV watching is done on DVD now, such as The Office, 30 Rock and Community.

However two new shows on Australian screens caught my eye.

Woodley is an 8 part series that debuted on ABC this week. Frank Woodley plays an accident prone man attempting to bond with his daughter, and reconnect with his ex-wife. I was disappointed by the first episode, which you can watch here. Largely silent, and filled with Mr Bean like antics, it had some good moments, but nothing like what I experienced while watching Woodley’s previous sit-com, the hilarious The Adventures of Lano and Woodley. It starred Colin Lane along with Woodley and ran for two seasons from 1997-1999, as two housemates who always got fired, and was filled with superb moments of physical comedy. If you can grab it on DVD, do so. It never fails to crack me up. Here are just two clips from different episodes, but just check any of their videos out on YouTube.



If you remember the spoof Italian Spiderman web series from a few years ago, you’ll be happy to know that the Aussie duo behind it have a new project, which is also a parody and looks just as madcap. Danger 5 is well, check out the trailer below. It begins on Monday Feb 27 at 9:30 pm on SBS here in Australia.


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