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DC’s Video Game Comics Sale

Starting on February 21 and running for 4 days is a great sale on heaps of DC Comics’ video game tie-ins. Details below and start shopping here.

Prepare to level up your video game comic book reading experience.

DC Digital Comics is offering a sensational sale on all titles based on some of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

Journey deeper into madhouse with special tie-in limited series that sets the stage for the critically acclaimed, award-winning sequel to BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY—including exclusive digital chapters.

Discover the secret history of Ghost from MODERN WARFARE 2; head to battle with Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad in GEARS OF WAR; unleash Hell with the six-issue DANTE’S INFERNO; fight against infection with BSAA Agents Gere and Sugarman in RESIDENT EVIL; and much, much more.

We’ve got 100 video game comic issues to stock your inventory with—all for only .99 cents each! Grab them while you can before we hit the reset button and this sale disappears!

The 4-Day Video Game Comics Sale begins 2/21!

Play the game! Read the comics!

Robot 13 TPB on Kickstarter

I interviewed the talented creative duo of Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford a while back in the Extra Sequential magazine (pages 74-79 here) and, like many others, have been impressed by their Robot 13 series. Now to get all those issues collected as a Trade Paperback, the guys are looking to Kickstarter.

Find out more about how you can help, and get incentives like groovy buttons, t-shirts and mini-figures right here. This is a great series and I’ve been looking forward to what the guys would come up with next, so here’s hoping this project gives them the opportunity to make that happen, so more people can see how cool Robot 13 is.


Pat Grant Interview

My interview with Aussie comics creator Pat Grant is now up at Broken Frontier. Our chat is mainly about his new OGN, Blue which will be released next month. It’s a funny, honest and visually impressive look at xenophobia and youth and is definitely worth picking up.

Read the interview here.