Batman, Jor-El, Avengers & Noah

Now, that’s what I call a x-over! Here’s a look at some new movie (and one TV) pics.

The fun Batman: The Brave and the Bold is ending this year, but a new Batman is coming our way, as announced in France on the weekend. I’m kind of over Batman getting all the toon attention, but bigger plans are afoot, including Plastic Man, Doom Patrol and a claymation Batman from the guys behind Wallace and Gromit. Cool. Beware The Batman has Katana instead of Robin as Batman’s sidekick, Alfred becoming a gun toting butler (which he does when necessary in the comics BTW) and the first adaptation of Grant Morrison’s evil Professor Pyg. I wonder how they’ll make him kid friendly. Check out details here.

Russel Crowe is playing Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El (played by Marlon Brando in the ’70s film), while Kevin Costner plays his earthly dad. The costume seems to be going for the regal, fantasy look, complete with red cape and blue bodysuit, meaning Zack Snyder’s 2013 reboot will feature a Superman who uses his Kryptonian roots for his costume. I like the connection, but I doubt Crowe has the gravitas to play Jor-El. We’ll see.

Some very cool pics of Marvel’s The Avengers film have been released, showing Black Widow, Captain America, Nick Fury and director Joss Whedon. Check them all out here.

The director of The Fountain and Black Swan tackling Noah? Now that’s interesting.

Aronofsky says “Since I was a kid, I have been moved and inspired by the story of Noah and his family’s journey. The imaginations of countless generations have sparked to this epic story of faith. It’s my hope that I can present a window into Noah’s passion and perseverance for the silver screen.”



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