The Best of The Best of 2010

No, that title’s not a typo. As the year draws to a close and we all say things like, “Where has this year gone?!” in disbelief it’s also the time to vaguely recall what the last 12 months have delivered us. Comics sites are of course filled with the best of lists, and we’ll be doing one when we return to our podcast early next month. However, here’s a rundown of some lists which you may or may not agree with. However, most of them unsurprisingly agree on a few excellent standouts, such as Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, Batwoman and X’ed Out. Off the top of my head, the standouts for me this year were The Light, Action Comics, Brightest Day and Frankencastle and for the worst I’d have to say Superman: Earth One and Batman: Odyssey. Sorry DC!

CBR’s staff create a multi-part series on the best individual comics of the year. Part 1 is here.

You can also vote on the biggest comic event of the year including Al Simmon’s return to Spawn and the death of The Atom (Ryan Choi) and the biggest news story including the Gaiman/McFarlane lawsuit and DC’s restructuring, and the oddest story of the year. You can also check out the 12 best X-Men related happenings.

Newsarama have a bunch of similar voting options available plus their best of the year and what to watch in 2011. There’s also nifty entries on the characters, creators and series to keep an eye on next year.

MTV’s Splashpage have their Top 10 interviews including Tom Welling, Jon Favreau and Mark Millar.

MTV Geek let some creators pick their Top 3 and also have their best webcomics of 2010.

Amazon have their best selling comics and OGNs including the much maligned Twilight: The Graphic Novel.

Comic Attack have a look at the best manga and a look at some great toys and figures coming at us next year.

Publisher’s Weekly’s list of best comics is under their best books list.

Lastly, here’s IGN’s list, broken down into categories such as best anthology, best art team and best collectible.

Phew, that’s a lot of links. If you’ve been in and out of comics for this year, or more, though these lists will certainly help you catch up on the series, characters and creators to prepare you for 2011.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Kris!


    • No probs Andy! Keep up the great work and have an awesome New Year.

      • Aye, from one Kris to another! Thanks for plugging my manga list!

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