The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 2 Preview

On sale Wednesday September 23 from Top Cow is the 160 page Trade collecting a few recent issues of The Darkness. This is how the Cow describe it, and underneath that are a few preview pages.

The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 2 CvrThe Darkness: Accursed Vol. 2 Trade Paperback

(W) Phil Hester (A) Jorge Lucas, Michael Broussard, Joe Benitez, Dale Keown, Ryan Sook, Steve Firchow, Lee Carter, Matt Timson, Stjepan Sejic (Cov) Michael Broussard

Weakened and battered after a conflict with The Darkness itself, Jackie Estacado flees Sierra Muñoz and heads back to the States. But the road home is no easy journey as he runs afoul of Mexican witches, wannabe gangsters and even Aphrodite IV! Jackie soon discovers his battle with The Darkness cast his soul into Hell while leaving his body and mind on Earth. Enter The Sovereign, an arch-demon who promises to reunite Jackie’s body and soul, but at a price that may be worse than Hell itself. Plus, witness a possible future ruled by The Darkness run amok in a spectacular story drawn by a list of all-star artists!

Collects The Darkness Vol. 3 #7-10 and the double-sized The Darkness #75 (essentially issue #11 before the Legacy Numbering took effect), plus a cover gallery and behind-the-scenes extras!

“Bold, uncompromising and utterly thrilling. Under the skillful direction of Phil Hester, Michael Broussard and Jorge Lucas, The Darkness has risen to the top of my read pile.” – Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)





The Anchor #1 Preview

This new monster mash, and smash, series by Phil Hester and Brian Churilla isn’t out until October, but BOOM! Studios is feeling generous, so below is a hefty 10 page preview, plus character designs by Churilla. It looks like a series with equal parts fun and sincerity. This is what BOOM! Have to say about it:

THE ANCHOR. Holy warrior, unholy war. Freak of nature, beast of burden, hulking outcast, medieval prize fighter, Viking raider… God’s own leg-breaker.

One thousand years ago a hulking outcast sought refuge in the crumbling ruins of an ancient monastery and offered in return the one thing he had to give – his fists. Transformed into an immortal warrior monk standing at the gates of Hell itself to keep our world free from its invading armies, The Anchor is mysteriously tricked into centuries of slumber. But today, this holy warrior rises to battle all the unholy monsters unleashed during his slumber.

Cataclysmic action, quirky humor, and profound pathos for fans of HELLBOY and THE GOON. A new BOOM! ongoing series, brought to you by Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist Phil Hester (GREEN ARROW, SWAMP THING, THE COFFIN, FIREBREATHER, THE DARKNESS) and fan-favorite artist Brian Churilla (REX MUNDI, THE ENGINEER, CREEPY).

Pre-Order at Your Local Comic Shop by August 25th, 2009! Diamond Code: AUG090716

The Anchor #1p1

The Anchor #1 p2

The Anchor #1 p3

The Anchor #1 p4

The Anchor #1 p5

The Anchor #1 p6

The Anchor #1 p7

The Anchor #1 p8

The Anchor #1 p9

The Anchor #1 p10




Days Missing In August

It’s grand that Archaia are back. With titles like Mouse Guard and The Killer  and a bunch more, they filled quite the niche. Now that they’ve returned, they’ve resumed publishing on their familiar titles, as well as launching a few new ones, such as Days Missing. Written by Phil Hester (The Darkness) with art by Frazer Irving the sci-fi series debuts in August at only 99 cents. Below is the press release, plus the various pretty covers.

DM_01_HesterWith an eye toward recruiting top creators as part of their exclusive partnership, Archaia and Roddenberry Productions have brought on writer Phil Hester (Firebreather, The Darkness, Green Arrow), artist Frazer Irving (forthcoming Batman and Robin arc, Seven Soldiers of Victory) and cover artist Dale Keown (The Incredible Hulk, Pitt) to create the first issue of Days Missing, a new five-issue mini-series continuing Roddenberry’s tradition of producing sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining science fiction. 
In an effort to give as many readers an opportunity to discover this exciting new mini-series, Archaia will offer the full-length, full-color issue #1 for just 99 cents when it arrives in stores this August. An exclusive, limited-edition version of the issue, with a variant cover drawn by Keown, will be on sale for $5 at the Archaia and Roddenberry Productions booths at San Diego Comic-Con (July 23-26).
Based on a concept by Roddenberry Productions executive Trevor Roth, Days Missing tells the stories of a mysterious being known only as “The Steward.” His ability to literally “fold” days of time has allowed him to secretly remove critical days from our shared history that have forever changed the course of mankind…or so he thinks. 
DM_01_IrvingAdding to the fan buzz and excitement surrounding Days Missing, Archaia and Roddenberry Productions are bringing together four all-star creative teams to each work on a standalone, reader-friendly issue of Days Missing that ties into the overall mini-series storyarc.
“Building on the science fiction legacy of the Star Trek franchise, we are excited to make a unique contribution to the comic book landscape with this extraordinary series,” said Roth. “We’ve assembled some of the best talent in the industry to deliver a great comic book that we hope will captivate fans.”
“All of us at Archaia are huge fans of Star Trek and to work with Roddenberry Productions to create a comic like Days Missing is a huge honor,” said Stephen Christy, Archaia’s Director of Development. “The incredible creative team we’ve assembled for issue #1 of this book is among the best in the industry and it’s been a huge thrill to see the work that’s coming in.”
The announcement of the creative teams of future issues will be made in the weeks leading up to San Diego Comic-Con. For the latest information on Days Missing, please visit and



The Darkness #77 Preview

On sale this week is The Darkness #77 by writer Phil Hester and artist Michael Broussard. According to Top Cow, the issue is described thusly, ” An ageless beauty with red ribbon in her hair and her silent enforcer are determined to wipe out another Darkness bearer. Can Jackie break the curse? Meanwhile the mysterious Foreigner reveals new information to Jackie, which shakes him to his core.”

Perty pictures below.






The Darkness #76 Preview

dk076_cover_page_21On sale now is The Darkness #76 from Top Cow. Written by Phil Hester with art by Michael Broussard, a gruesome preview as well as Top Cow’s description of the issue, is below.

Jackie’s face-off against his deadliest foe yet continues as the Legacy numbering of The Darkness goes into full effect, taking into account every issue ever published, regardless of volume.

The Sovereign’s bloody mission for Jackie has finally driven him to despair. Broken and lost, Jackie falls for an otherworldly seductress who seeks to exact a centuries-old curse against The Darkness. Plus, who is The Foreigner and how does his connection to The Darkness predate Jackie Estacado’s? 





The Darkness: Lodbrok’s Hand Review

dklh001_cov_aThis is a good stand-alone issue, to be sure. It’s a simple one-shot, but it won’t reveal anything about The Darkness. It’s a very loose tie-in. Apart from one of the main characters being a medieval Darkness bearer, it could be just a generic sword and sorcery adventure. Written by Phil Hester with art by Michael Avon Oeming, Lodbrok’s Hand recounts the sad tale of Lodbrok, the captain of a Viking ship, who as a youth lost his hand. The crazy King Grimur was moving from village to village forcibly enlisting strong men in his army. When young Lodbrok’s family was taken, he, his magic-wielding sister Freydis and a few other youngens set on a harsh journey of revenge. They realise they’re outnumbered and outgunned, or rather, out sworded, so Lodbrok bravely, or foolishly, calls upon the creature known as the Black Captain. He’s big, he has goblin servants bonded to the oars of his ship, and he’s on Lodbrok’s side, for  a price. A bloody battle ensues. Heads are cut off. Freydis dies.Two dragons fight, and Lodbrok learns the hard way what his victory means. The twist at the end, in which the Captain revives Freydis to serve him as a slave forever, rather than Lodbrok himself is a nice one and shows the maniacal assistance that The Darkness offers. It’s an amusing enough tale. The story is so simple that a 24 page one-shot is all that’s needed. Hester has the speech of centuries past down pat and while this isn’t Oeming’s best work (that’s in Mice Templar-grab the TPB), his trademark harsh lines and strong forms are evident. His character and costume design is great as always, and looks like something from a Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy II, Pan’s Labyrinth) film. Go here for  a preview.

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