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Marvel may have the best films at the moment. And video games too. But DC certainly fares better in the toys and collectibles department and have for years. If you need proof, see below. There are figures of the 1980s era Justice League International, where humour was the order of the day. Fire, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter and Booster Gold are done in the classic cheeky style of artist Kevin Maguire. None of these characters are the heavy hitters they were decades ago, mostly because they’re almost all dead, but they represent a unique era in the history of the Justice League. These Series 2 figures won’t be released until August 26, so be patient. The new Supergirl (teen cousin of Superman) bust is out August 5, and shows Kara Zor-El bending steel, a hobby that runs in the family.It’s based on the gorgeous art of Terry Dodson and is the latest in the line of Women of the DC Universe busts.



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