The New TCJ

Details below about the relaunch of highly regarded comics site/magazine, The Comics Journal.

The Comics Journal is proud to announce the relaunch with new editorial oversight.
The editorial team that is taking over are Dan Nadel and Tim Hodler. Together they co-founded the Eisner-nominated magazine and blog Comics Comics with cartoonist Frank Santoro in 2006. They published four print issues and the web edition quickly grew into one of the most vital forums for critical and historical discussion of comics, marked by contributions from some of the leading cartoonists and writers in the field.
The Comics Journal print magazine has chronicled the comics medium since it’s first publication in 1976.  It has been a leading force of journalism exploring both the facets of the comics industry and the artistic value of the books. Releasing over 300 issues, The Journal is changing face as well with an over 600-page tome of criticism and interviews for issue 301.
The new will continue this tradition by offering an online magazine for interviews, criticism, history and ideas in a concise, beautifully designed format.  The site will feature multiple book reviews every week, making it a clearinghouse for the latest critical responses to comics and graphic novels from all over the spectrum.
There is a myriad of contributing writers offering a wide a to the new, all bringing together leading voices from literary critics, to pop culture journalists, to comics reviewers.  Expect to see writing from Richard Gehr, Nicole Rudick, Jesse Pearson, Andrew Leland, Frank Santoro, Jeet Heer, Ken Parille, R. Fiore, Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner, Ryan Holmberg, Gary Groth, and many others.
Along with featuring long form articles on all aspects of the medium from leading contemporary writers, will also host a monthly diary feature, in which an artist (or other comics figure) takes us through a week of their life in prose, pictures or cartoons, one day at a time. This column is kicking off with Vanessa Davis, followed by Brandon Graham, then Joyce Farmer, with many more to come.
The new is focused on bringing the magazine’s archive to a new online readership. With holdings including hundreds of interviews with the leading cartoonists of the 20th century and serve as a living record of the development of the comics medium. Beginning March 1, and rolling out over several months, each issue of The Comics Journal will be made available in its entirety to subscribers. Non-subscribers will have the opportunity to sample highlights from many of the issues as well.
Dan Nadel is the publisher of the acclaimed PictureBox Inc, which has released graphic novels, art books, and novels by the likes Gary Panter, Charles Willeford, Yuichi Yokoyama, and Wilco. He has also written two of the most vital recent books on comics history: Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries, 1900-1969 and Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980. Nadel won a Grammy Award for his art direction of Wilco’s A Ghost is Born album package, and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.
Tim is a writer and editor who has been published in BookforumDetailsNew York Magazine, and the Ganzfeld, among other places.

Comics Alliance Is #1

Good on Comics Alliance for being the most visited comics related site in the US. I’ve only recently gotten to know their charms, but amongst the heap of comics sites out there, it’s always an entertaining stand out, as they don’t focus on reviews and interviews like most others.

At CA right now is the obligatory just released X-Men: First Class trailer, Neil Gaiman’s surprising support of internet piracy, a birthday ode to Bruce Timm and more.

Broken Frontier – New & Improved

bf_b_120x600Now this is a press release I can get excited about. The comics website, Broken Frontier has just received a classy facelift. BF has been around since 2002 and why there may be many comics sites out there, the Frontier has always given coverage to the spandex clan as well as indie gems. And why am I excited about that, you ask? Becuase I write for them! Yay for me. I’ve got heaps of stuff on the new site now, including reviews for Buck Rogers #0, Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #5 and Battle for the Cowl: The Underground. I’ll also be blogging there regularly, such as this article on how to improve the DC title, Green Arrow/Black Canary. And if that’s not enough, here’s my interview with writer/artist Scott Kolins about his new Solomon Grundy mini-series. Press release below.

Premier comic book website Broken Frontier is proud to unveil its new look and features. Broken Frontier is going back to its roots, while at the same time making the big bold leap into web 2.0. In addition to its own blog, Broken Frontier will launch several production blogs where readers get inside information on the development of a selected number of comics projects, straight from the creative team’s mouth. And of course, the regular wave of articles, interviews, columns and reviews will keep on coming. The most innovative feature in this regard is Post Your News Now!, a unique and user-friendly tool that allows all of BF’s registered members to post news, rumors and scoops directly to the front page. “I think this will be a great feature for smaller companies and self-publishers to put their projects in the spotlight,” adds Broken Frontier Editor, Frederik Hautain. “But at the same time, it’s a great opportunity for our members to grab their chance and do some comics reporting of their own.

In October of 2002, the site launched with the baseline ‘Where Fans Come First!’. In those days, before the existence of blogs and ready-made websites, Broken Frontier gave its readers an opportunity to submit their own articles, making it possible for the average comics fan to contribute to comics criticism. Now, a little over 6 years later, Broken Frontier is making its community as much of a focal point as its comics coverage. “BF has made a name for itself by way of the diversity of our coverage,” Hautain explained. “While we’ll continue to explore every corner of the comics universe, the new BF was built with the clear intention of putting the community back at the heart of the site.”

Looking beyond the new design and improved site technology, the biggest improvements have been made on the community end. Previously limited to nothing but a forum, the community is now keyed on on-site reader interaction by placing each individual member at the center of its site experience. Hautain commented, “I hope everyone will get a good vibe when they visit the new and improved Broken Frontier. Everyone on our staff is psyched now that we’ve started the engine of our new rocket ship. Full speed ahead!”

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