Dave Sim: Zombie Mocker

Cerberus creator Dave Sim is a legend of independent comics. He guided Cerberus the Aardvarks’ genre bending adventures from 1977 to 2004 single handedly and fought for creator’s right along the way. His latest project is entirely different. Glamourpuss is a look at the history of fashion magazines as well as photo realism in comics. Sort of. It’s unlike anything else on the stands. My respect goes out to anyone that can do what they love for so long, and he’s received equal parts adoration and hatred over his controversial views on feminism and religion over the years, but he keeps on pressing on. Glamourpuss #2 has a great feature on the back cover poking fun of all the zombie craziness that Marvel have focused on in various mini-series and x-overs in the last 2 years. Read it and laugh, because the undead are funny, unless they’re eating your loved one’s brains.

Dave Sim’s blog (complete with pretty pics)

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