Marvel Fact Files In Australia

The weekly publication that informs the curious about the Marvel Universe has been available in the UK for some time, and now it’s available in Australia, thanks to Eaglemoss Collections.

You can get a rundown of what it’s all about here, but it’s essentially a newbie’s guide to the characters and events of Marvel’s storied history. After reading the first issue, I can confidently say that it’s pretty good, in an educational, easy to read way, and will serve as a good introduction to what curious cinemagoers see of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first issue is only $3, while future (of the planned 100) issues are $7 each. You can subscribe and get a few goodies, such as a calendar, t-shirt and 2 figurines. Each issue is 32 pages and features timelines, character summaries, timelines and heaps of cool art.





2013-08-15 10.27.58


2013-08-16 21.19.55


2013-08-16 21.20.14


2013-08-16 21.21.12


2013-08-16 21.21.54


2013-08-16 21.23.50


2013-08-16 21.24.28

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