Seizure Comic Competition

Seizure is a relatively new Australian magazine, and they’ve just started a comics competition. Here’s the official lowdown.

So Seizure’s arty director and printer both love comics, and when they put their heads together David and Andrew came up with this competition.

One of the first stumbling blocks for would-be comic makers, just starting out, is getting your comic printed. Why? Because it costs serious moolah which not many of us have.  Once you’ve got it printed, then you can start showing it around, take it to zine fairs, give one to your mum.

That’s why we’ve started this prize where the winners get their work printed and a little cash on the side.

So if you’ve got 24 pages ready to go, or can pull it together before the deadline, simply submit a PDF via this link and you will be in the running for one of our three prizes.

First Prize:  100 printed copies and $150 AUD (Total value $1000 AUD)

Art prize: 50 printed copies and  $75.00 AUD (Total value $775 AUD)

Story prize: 50 printed copies and  $75.00 AUD (Total value $775 AUD)

All prizes are courtesy of specialist comic printers OMNE

Open for submissions now via Submittable: Submit to OMNE Comic Comp

Closing 2 February 2013. Winners will be announced by 1 March 2013.

Get printed people!

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