Happy Easter

I wrote this for this week’s church bulletin, and thought I’d share it here. Good Friday has passed, but it’s fitting  that I post it on Easter Sunday, to celebrate Jesus’ awesome resurrection.

Good Friday. How can we celebrate a man’s death and call it ‘good?’ Because the death of Jesus, and his resurrection three days later, is a celebration of more than just a man. What other life, and death, has had such a profound impact on this planet? When celebrities die, we remember them for a few days and loving tributes flow across the world, and then they are soon forgotten, but Jesus’ words and deeds have continued to inspire, comfort and heal people all across the world.

In fact, many countries acknowledge Good Friday as a public holiday, even those which may not be considered Christian countries. The buying and selling of alcohol is prohibited in South Africa on the day itself, in Bermuda handmade kites in the shape of the cross are flown, and 2012 is the first year in which communist Cuba will celebrate Good Friday as a holiday. No other life has made such an impact across all manmade boundaries, and no other life continues to transform hearts and open minds. You and I, and all believers continue to prove that Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, and our only Saviour, is all that we need and more that we could hope for.

Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, and our salvation means life now and forevermore for those who turn to Him. We celebrate that the holiest blood that ever walked the Earth was spilled for our eternal freedom, and that’s ‘good’ indeed.

Extra Sequential Podcast #86-Image Comics

62 mins. It’s the 20th anniversary of Image Comics this year, so in honour of the young upstart publishing company, we look at our fave Image tales covering drama, comedy, adventure and more. Also, the wonder of ’90s fashion, and Aussie TV actresses.




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