The Red R on Kickstarter

I met indie comic creator Jerrell Conner at my first San Diego Comic Con in 2008 and picked up Revolutions, the first OGN in his Red R series, which features his great sense of design. It’s a luscious book. Now, he’s continuing the project as an exhibition on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for the first time. Here’s the official lowdown.

‘Mindset Vertical’ is the first solo exhibition of artist Jerrell Conner (creator of The Red R) in over 5 years. It will be the most ambitious art show that the artists has ever put on. This project is about the characters of the book… more specifically their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Story is key, but rich characters make the story. The artist wants to create an art show exploring the lives, experiences, and beliefs of the diverse and eclectic mix of characters from the books. His goal is to create 13 large portraits (5′ tall) painted of each of the main characters from the story. Coupled with the paintings will be brief descriptions and quotes from each character, delving a bit deeper into their psyche. Along with the paintings there will be animations breaking down the evolution of the characters over the years, as well as a process book documenting the steps of each piece and the story behind each character. But this project is more than just creating art that hangs on a wall and writing up an explanation to be pinned next to it… It seeks to bridge the gap between the artist and the art patron and art fans. YOU the patron and the fan not only have the power to help this dream project become a reality, but you can get involved in the actual creative process directing the artist as he creates some of the pieces, and depending on which reward option you go with you can even have custom artwork of YOU created by the artist for the show!

Find out more about the project and how you can be a part of it right here. He’s a talented artist in different media, as this random selection reveals.


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