Cereal, Conan and Coma

New York Comic Con is underway this week, which means there’s been a whole lot of comics news. Here we go…

DC are expanding their reach to new readers by giving away free Justice League comics in various Big G cereal brands in America. There’s also related, free digital tie-ins, which you can read here. Obviously geared towards kids, and showing the classic costumes, rather than the relaunch versions it’s actually a smart initiative. If you’ve ever want to read Batman and Aquaman playing hide and seek read the 4th digital issue.

Fan fave Green Lantern G’nort  is being written out of the New 52 continuity? As Dart Vader would say, “NOOOOO!” Green Lantern will also be the focus of an upcoming Robot Chicken special.

Creators of the excellent Demo series, Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan are working on a new Conan title for Dark Horse for release in February. An unexpected choice, but certainly an intriguing one.

Apparently The Avengers trailer which debuted this week has been downloaded more than 10 million times and here’s The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s commentary for said trailer. Not that I’ve heard as it’s one of those videos that can’t be streamed outside of America. I can only assume it’s funny though.

Writer Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men, the upcoming Avengers Solo) is launching a new mini-series at Image about a woman in a coma who must solve the mystery of her own attempted murder. It’s called Mind The Gap and debuts in April.

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