Attention Wiki Editors

Sometimes curiosity will get the better of me and I’ll wonder, “whatever happened to (insert name here)?”. Usually it’s to see what some wrestling star from the ’80s is up to these days, or someone whose comics or films I liked (or didn’t) to see if they’re still making art.

I ran across Dan Harris’ wikipedia entry only to discover a glaring entry that needs deleting, or at least editing. Harris wrote the screenplay for the second X-Men film, as well as Superman Returns with Michael Dougherty and director Bryan Singer. It says this:

Also with Dougherty and Singer, Fuchs, Harris wrote a year’s worth of the Ultimate X-Men comic books for Marvel Comics and the Superman Returns prequel comic books for DC Comics.

Nope. They were scheduled too and plans were in the works with Marvel in 2004, but as is to be expected with film makers who try and write comics – it didn’t work out thanks to conflicting schedules, although Kevin Smith has certainly redeemed himself as of late. Harris’ imdb listing makes the same error, as does Dougherty’s, however it does mention the truth that all 3 men wrote four prequel one-shots for Superman Returns for DC in 2006.

It’s also worth noting that Harris and Dougherty have only made one film each since then. Hmmm.

At least the wiki entry for Ultimate X-Men gets the facts right:

Film director Bryan Singer, who directed X-Men and X2: X-Men United, was scheduled to write 12 issues of Ultimate X-Men with Brian K. Vaughan and X2scripters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris[1] but was unable to commit due to working on the Superman Returns film.[citation needed]

There you go. That’s about as close to detective work as I’m going to get.

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