Wonder Woman On TV?

The last time Wonder Woman was on the small screen was in the 1975-79 version with Lynda Carter as the twirling heroine. That series has proven instrumental in putting the original warrior princess in the minds of the general public. Much like the Batman series in the 1960s before Tim Burton’s 1989 film helped the Dark Knight, WW wouldn’t have  a public profile without it. More recently she’s starred in the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon and the animated film released last year.

Producer Joel Silver of The Matrix trilogy has been trying to make  a live action film for years, and at one point future The Avengers director Joss Whedon was lined up to helm it but his treatment was rejected by Warner Bros.

Now, a modern version (not a WWII set-series like the ’70s version originally was) is in the works. Warner Bros. Television is currently developing a series on the lasso wielding heroine with David E. Kelley. Yep, husband of Michelle Pfeiffer and creator of Ally McBeal and Boston Legal. It could work, even though action is not his forte, but we don’t know how much of a guiding hand he’ll have in the show just yet. Some news outlets have pointed out the fact that TV series with female leads rarely work, from Bionic Woman to Dollhouse, but sometimes do, like Buffy. Time will tell.

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