Kane and Lynch Movie Poster

The Kane and Lynch game launched on the next gen platforms in 2007. It was like a playable version of a hardcore action film and now Empire have the first glimpse at the poster of the movie adaptation, as seen in Cannes. It stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx and is directed by former stuntman Simon Crane. There’s been some apparent uproar over the casting of Foxx, as his character in the game is quite different, but time will tell.

The Frontiersman #2 Out Now

The second issue of the new digital magazine The Frontiersman is out now at Broken Frontier. It’s a 31 pager with a preview of Devil #4 from Dark Horse, a look at Iron Man 2 and Vertigo’s The Unwritten, as well as interviews with Peter Tomasi and David Finch on DC’s Brightest Day event, and my little interview with two of the creators behind Ape Entertainment’s new Shrek series. Read The Frontiersman #2 for free here.