DC’s July Goodies

So the complete list of items being released from DC Comics in July is now out. As always, there’s a bunch of great stuff on offer. Here’s what caught my eye.

The Death and Return of Superman from the ’90s was what pulled me into the comic shop for the first time, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Cyborg Superman. Here’s his classic look from Batman: Brave and the Bold #19 and his current appearance in Green Lantern Corps #50.

Jeff Lemire, the creator of Sweet Tooth and the awesome Essex County trilogy from Top Shelf, has now hit the big time, as the scribe of Brightest Day: The Atom Special #1.

I just picked up some of Neal Adam’s TPBs showing his groundbreaking art from the ’70s with Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow. Now his long awaited 6 ish mini, Batman: Odyssey is almost here, with Adams taking over the writing and pencilling duties.

Detective Comics #867 is by David Hine and Scott McDaniel. That’ll be a good team, and how awesome is that cover by Peter Nguyen?

John Cassady is now doing Superman covers!

Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris farewell Ex Machina with issue 50.

I’m loving Demo. Brian Wood’s and Becky Cloonan’s supernatural, slice of life, self-contained stories are simply the epitome of great sequential art. I’m a new convert to this series, but after loving the current Volume 2 I picked up the TPB of the first series too. Buy this!