Predators Posters

Finally a reboot that fanboys can get excited about. Predators hits screens on July 8 and looks set to get the bad taste out of our mouths after two average AvP films. Produced by Robert Rodriquez and starring some unusual choices (Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Adrien Brody) on a desolate planet as game for the titular warriors, this could be quite awesome.

Predators Trailer

The original Predator film was the first “horror” I saw as a kid and I was rather taken aback by its brutality and machismo. The sequel, and bland AvP films never stacked up to that 1987 beauty. Now Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is producing Predators, with a diverse cast and brutal action reminiscent of the film that kicked off the franchise. The new trailer is below, and although you don’t see much of the titular ugly aliens, you can see plenty of concept art here. It’s directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy, Armored) and drops on to cinema screens on July 9.

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