Bodie Troll #1 Review

bodietroll01Just a quick review to give my thumbs up for a great all-ages comic from publisher Red 5 (the always entertaining Atomic Robo series). I don’t read many family friendly comics these days, but their popularity is high, and can they hopefully go  a long way to creating an enchanting reading experience for the younger set, and getting them hooked on reading (comics) for many years.

The first noticeable feature of Bodie Troll’s debut is the visual feast of its cartooning approach, with generous, sweeping lines and playful composition. It’s easy to follow for younger readers, and makes it a breeze to enjoy. It’s all exaggerated expressions, and funny dialogue, and is also impressive as it’s seemingly all the work of one man – creator Jay P. Fosgitt (Little Green Men, Dino Duck).

Facing a bunch of nonplussed goats crossing a bridge, Bodie is reminded yet again that despite his best efforts at being scary, he’s just…cuddly, and is well loved by the folk in his Medieval village of Hagadorn, which include barmaid Cholly, and Miz Bijou, the fairy godmother with a magical spatula. Yes, there is magic in this world, but so far it’s understated, and it all seems cohesive in a world in which a cute troll can talk to the locals.

With an amusing puppet show, and an actual scary monster in these pages, it’s a joyful and entertaining adventure, and its unique artistic approach is as cuddly as the lead character.

The first issue of this four ish mini-series won’t be released until April 17, but can be pre-ordered before Feb 28 to secure your copy. I suggest you do.


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