Thanks For Reading!

You might have noticed that the content on this humble blog has slowed down somewhat over recent months. At one point I was writing multiple posts a day, plus writing for other sites, but that kind of passion and momentum doesn’t last forever.

I started this blog in June 2008, just before my first venture to San Diego Comic-Con, and this week I passed half a million total views since then, so thanks to everyone who reads and comments! It’s much appreciated.

This year, I’ve briefly toyed with other blog ideas such as this one on writing and this one on Christian stuff, but they were short lived experiments. The key, like anything is focus, and although I still write for Broken Frontier, Sight, and now SciFiPulse, the days of me spending hours each week doing reviews and interviews are gone, and that’s fine with me.

Once I get more organised, I’ll start posting more of my creative writing here, but there’ll always be various comics and pop culture stuff that I’ll whack up here, because there’s always interesting stuff out there.

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