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I got my copy of Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz’s wild OGN Randomveus today. It looks awesome.


RandomVeus Vol.1, UDON’s first original graphic novel, is now available in comic stores everywhere! RandomVeus features the wacky adventures of an interdimensional courier team who can’t help but find trouble on every delivery! RandomVeus is published in oversized (8.25×11.25″), hardcover format for your optimum reading pleasure!

Cruz’s former Street Fighter collaborator (and Skullkickers writer) Jim Zubkavich has also just launched his serialised Makeshift Miracle online. This is from Udon’s site:

Makeshift Miracle is the story of a young boy named Colby Reynolds who finds a place where dreams can come true, if he’s willing to pay the price.

“It’s a surreal coming of age story. Sandman by way of Stand By Me” says writer Jim Zub.

Makeshift Miracle was one of the first long form graphic novels ever published online, from September 2001 through to March 2003. Bringing it back with a deeper story and lush new artwork has been in the works since late 2010.

“It’s been ten years since I originally started Makeshift and I’ve learned so much about storytelling, pacing and dialogue since then. The chance to expand the story and delve deeper into ideas about dreams and desires – I can’t wait for a new generation of readers to dive in, no matter where they live.”

Comic and manga fans can enjoy the story online for free, with two new pages being posted up each week, at www.makeshiftmiracle.com. A deluxe printed graphic novel version will be published in 2012 by UDON Comics.

It also looks awesome.

Sticking with the Udon creators theme, Zubkavich is also behind the new Mafia Wars 2 webcomic, based on the Facebook game. You must “like” the game on Facebook before you can read the comic though. I don’t know why people would play games on Facebook, though I suppose if you don’t have any console, it’s a cheap alternative, though, but nothing beats the PS3 or Xbox 360 for hardcore gaming.

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